How Does ordering from DDP work?

ecommerce.jpgWe have provided a transaction overview to help with understanding how the order process works for your guidance.

Place an Order

Once you've placed an order, you will be directed to a page to select your preferred mode of delivery, including the option to pickup from our Sydney store.


Next, you will then proceed to the payment page for this order.

Order Received

You will receive this notification once you have placed the order. This confirms to you that we have received your order

Order in Process

Once we begin to process your order, we will change your order status to this. Please note we process orders on business days and not weekends or public holidays. At this point we will advise you on availability and pick up times, if applicable. If your payment method required further verification, we will also advise you at this point.

Awaiting Pickup

Once your order is ready to pick up, we will change your status to awaiting pick up. You may come down and pick up your stock at this point.

Order Shipped

Your order has been dispatched for shipping and generally you will receive it within 1 business day. At this point a tracking number will have been assigned to your order, which you will be able to check whilst logging in.

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