Pixelstick LED Light

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The darkest of nights can be the photographer’s best friend, with this inventive and fun light painting tool. A real game-changer in the realm of light painting, the Pixelstick redefines the limits of the art; enabling the creation of unique and breath-taking images. Simply load up any picture or pattern to a SD card, insert it into the Pixelstick, then set your camera for a long exposure and use the ‘stick to experiment and get creative! The Pixelstick contains 200 LEDs, each of which functions as a vertical pixel in your image. As you move the pixelstick, the LEDs change colour, painting pixels horizontally to create a swathe of bright patterning or a complete picture, which may be undulated, twisted and twirled as you desire. You could even create time-lapsed animated pieces. The only limits to creativity are the hours of darkness and the power of your own imagination! 

Meet Pixelstick 
Pixelstick consists of 200 full colour RGB LEDs inside a lightweight aluminium housing. The mounted controller reads images from an SD card and displays them, one vertical line at a time, on the LEDs. Each LED corresponds to a pixel in the image. Load your SD card up with full colour, high fidelity images and watch pixelstick transform your long exposures forever.

Stunningly simple
All you need is pixelstick and a camera with a long exposure mode! The Controller is easy to use - simply insert and SD card with images you've prepped on your computer, set the camera to take a long exposure, select the image you want pixelstick to display, and press Fire! The beauty of lightpainting is there's no wrong way to do it.

Create and Animate
With pixelstick, you can lightpaint any image you can dream of into your long exposures. Pixelstick can even increment through a series of images over multiple exposures, opening up lightpainting to the world of timelapse, and allowing for animations of a scope and quality never before seen. Watch the video to see some of the amazing results!


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  • 200 RGB LEDs with diffusion lens
  • Aluminum housing with matte black finish
  • Battery cable and clips included
  • Easy storage & travel in included carry bag